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The Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility is the most modern laboratory of its kind worldwide and is used to carry out testing of new-generation engine turbine prototypes as well as technological demonstrators used in the construction of aeroengines.

Here the main key parameters of the Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility “Polonia Aero”: 

• Max External Diameter of Test Article: 1900 mm,

• Max Weight of Test Rig: 50 kN,

• Max Flow Rate: 80 kg/s,

• Max Inlet Total Pressure: 750 kPa,

• Min Exit Total Pressure: 24 kPa,

• Max Inlet Total Temperature: 650 K,

• Max Turbine Shaft Power: 16 MW,

• Max Torque: 67 kNm,

• Max Axial Thrust: 75 kN,

• Max Shaft Speed: 5000 rpm (10000 rpm after installation of gearbox).

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