About the project

Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility

The Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility is in Zielonka near Warsaw. It is one of the largest and most modern laboratory of its kind worldwide, and is used to carry out industrial R&D in the aeronautical industry, including the testing of engine turbine prototypes as well as technological demonstrators used in the production of aeroengines.(Total cost: 188,790,177.27 zł - European Regional Development Fund financing: 160,386,650.68 zł - Polish State Budget financing: 28,303, 526.59 zł).

The initiators of the project are, on the one hand, some of the most well-known Polish specialists in the field of turbine research from Warsaw University of Technology and Military University of Technology and, on the other hand, industrial partners including Avio Aero and Military Aircraft Works No. 4 SA (Wojskowe Zak_ady Lotnicze Nr 4 S.A.) in Warsaw, who established a scientific-industrial consortium in 2008, the Aircraft Propulsion Research Laboratory - "Polonia Aero" (Laboratorium Badań Napędów Lotniczych).

The aim of the consortium was to build a network of laboratories, resulting in a synergy effect, to conduct advanced research in the field of turbine flow aerodynamics, with each project fully functional and independent.

The main laboratory is located at Polonia Aero, while the others will be located directly at the universities participating in the project.

The advantage of the project is the great support it gives to industrial R&D; it is not only attractive for scientific reasons but also for the development of industrial technologies.

Avio Aero's R&D Dept. developed the design of the laboratory together with the American Company ASE.

The laboratory lays the foundations for obtaining European financing, and industrial R&D contracts with the world largest aeronautical companies.